Hear ye, hear ye —- complain about the world.

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Men of Colour are on another level

Why doesn’t this have a list of their names? 😫

my bad

1. francis lane

2 & 6. alexander dominguez

3.waris ahluwalia

4. cnt remember

5. ezra miller

7. willy cartier

8 & 9. yassine rahal

10. rav matharu

Initially I scrolled down these pictures and thought —- oh that’s cool, it’s a bunch of attractive dudes from different nationalities. However, I realized that, although, this image propagates a sense of exposure to different cultures, it also propagates the same thing. All these men still look alike. Sharp nose, light skinned (and if it’s because of lighting and photoshop, it’s still annoying that they had to make them look whiter) chiseled jaw, pretty slim and long face. Heck, even the Asian dudes have slimmer noses than the average Asian dude. And the Desi guy is probably lighter toned than the majority of Desi guys. If the intent of this series was to invoke a sense of eroticism by extrapolating the attractive men from different ethnic backgrounds, than it does a fair job. But I think it continues to conform to the westernized, or contemporary sense of beauty. Rarely do I see people perpetuating what the majority of natives look like as a form of attraction. People fall in love with the outliers that have the qualities of caucasian men and women. It really sucks, both for males and females that these westernized attributes are the fundamentals of our attraction. For example, the hottest colored celebs have the same exact qualities (as mentioned earlier. All the models have the same exact qualities. And honestly, it can make it tough on people who do not resemble these icons. In Bengali culture (my culture), this idea of being of lighter skin-tone has grasps the heart of our children, women and even many men! Maybe I’m just ranting but it’s definitely a good food for thought. 

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Barber cut my hair too short. I’m really missing this :/

Barber cut my hair too short. I’m really missing this :/

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Feel the feels that I can’t articulate.

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"I only write when I am falling in love, or falling apart."

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Feeling some type of way, and I can’t do anything about it.

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American Beauty, 1999




American Beauty, 1999


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Eminem - "25 to Life" | lyrics

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