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"The more punctures the sweeter the personality."

- E.J. Levy (via diaries4thedepressed)

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Memoirs of a monster - a snippet from something I’m currently working on

Memoirs of a monster

“All aboard, this is your pilot speaking! We are facing severe turbulence. Please keep calm as the thunderstorm recedes. Remember, keep your seatbelts on and do not get up till further notice!” Will we make it, I ask myself. This thunderstorm may never recede. It’s been like this for a while. The fear of thunder comes not from its voracious nature but from it’s composition. It takes form in an observable contortion that bends through the night. A devastating yelp follows the light.

Blank. It’s silent. I’m alone in the corner of my cold wooden floors. Bare, my toes feel the grace of my bronze wooden floors. The moons light enters 

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A snippet from something I worked on in class.

“Loneliness is something, isn’t it? It has a presence of it’s own. It disguises itself within you.”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“The worst part of loneliness is not the absence of someone but rather the repeated exposure of yourself.” She points her finger to her head. “Think about it, when you’re alone, you think of all the worst possible scenarios. Your insecurities become more than what they are. They become your nightmare, your morning coffee. You begin to question —- Why am I alone? What is wrong with me?” Says Sam.

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I do? :( You sure it's not the other way around?







ok sorry, I need to mail you some food asap. 


Yerp, remember HS and incessant tumblr usage? And white collar too. lmao

Had a fun day with this one!

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Got class in the AM. :(

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